About Hilary Fordwich

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Hilary Fordwich is a proven global business development leader with a career spanning more than 30 years & expertise that includes building practices, client firms & her own successful consulting firm Strelmark LLC.

About Hilary Fordwich

Hilary served as head of global business development & sales for international accounting & consulting firm KPMG. There, she worked in a number of the firm’s offices including Manhattan, Long Island, & Washington as well as overseas in Amsterdam.

Stateside, Hilary served as James Martin & Co.’s (now Headstrong) Vice President of Global Marketing & a member of the firm’s Executive Board. Moreover, she has held other executive positions at leading firms including Beers & Cutler, PLC (the largest DC regional accounting firm) & as Managing Director at Qorvis Communications, LLC, a full service PR, IR, & Public Affairs firm.

Combining her sales, media and business development background, Hilary Hosted Government Contracting Weekly, on W*USA- TV9, the Washington DC affiliate of CBS. Currently, she is featured extensively on national business media & is a National Golf Course Rater for GolfWeek. Additionally, Hilary serves on the Wells Fargo Championship Advisory Board, is the LPGA Championship Media Services Chair, & serves on the British American Business Association’s Board of Directors, & Chairs the Programming Committee.

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Speaker at National Events

In addition to speaking & working with Fortune 500 professional service firms Hilary has presented at leadership, trade, & professional conferences for multiple organizations. Her extensive keynotes include: The World Congress, (NCMA), the US Chamber of Commerce, United Professional Sales Association, Women in Technology (WIT), the American Marketing Association, National Press Foundation, the PGA Merchandise Show, the Information Technology Services Marketing Association, Greater Washington Board of Trade, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), Microsoft’s Annual Marketers Conference, the Legal Marketing Association, & the Society for Marketing Professional Services, among others.

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Facts about Hilary

More About Hilary Fordwich

Hilary Fordwich is an experienced business development consultant with over 25 years of industry experience. She is the founder and CEO of Strelmark, a consultancy that offers training and coaching services to professionals. Equally important is Hilary’s main focus, which consists in helping companies enhance client relationships and bring in new business. Furthermore, she has helped numerous businesses achieve growth objectives and increase revenue. Hilary has also appeared in important media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, & more.

Key points to consider:

Particularly, if you’re an event planner or corporate manager, you might want to know more about Hilary Fordwich and what she brings to the table. As can be seen below, here are some key points to consider:

  • Engaging and Energizing Training Sessions: Hilary is known for her highly engaging and energetic training sessions. As a result, she creates a dynamic and interactive learning environment that encourages participation and collaboration. Hilary tailors the sessions to the needs of the audiences and designs them to be practical and memorable.
  • Focus on Building and Leveraging Customer Relationships: Hilary’s core area of expertise is building and leveraging customer relationships. She understands that in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s essential to have strong relationships with customers to succeed. Therefore, her training sessions provide practical strategies and tools for building and maintaining strong customer relationships.
  • Business Development Principles and Methodologies: Hilary has extensive experience in business development principles and methodologies. She has developed her own flexible framework that can be used as a process tool from end-to-end in the entire capture process. Her training sessions provide practical guidance on proposal development, competitive landscape and relationship mapping, team positioning, and role presentation.

Inspiring, Tactical & Business-Focused Motivational Tips

Hilary’s training sessions focus not only on business development, but also on human relationship truths that can be applied to all aspects of life. Her personal experiences and values are woven into her training sessions; that way, Hilary provides attendees with practical tips and tactics for gaining and retaining clients, and also navigating different business landscapes in every situation. Her sessions are designed to empower professionals to do what they need to do to succeed.


From Golf to Testimonials About Hilary Fordwich

Another area of expertise that Hilary has is business golf. She understands that golf is not just a game but also a powerful tool for building and strengthening business relationships. Basically, her training sessions provide practical guidance on how to use golf as a business tool, including golf etiquette, strategies for networking and building relationships, and tips for playing a successful round of golf with clients or colleagues.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Hilary Fordwich is a single mother. Hence, her values of integrity, honesty, and respect are reflected in her work and interactions with others.

As shown in the testimonials page, professionals like Jim O’Neill, Northrop Grumman’s former president, and Tom Mitchel from ManTech International Corporation, as well as multiple representats from other industries, recommend Hilary Fordwich. Correspondingly, her engaging and energizing training sessions, focus on building and leveraging customer relationships, personal values, and commitment to empowering attendees make her a valuable resource for any event planner looking to provide their attendees with practical tools and inspiration for achieving their growth objectives. At this point, if you’re looking for a business development consultant that delivers results, contact Hilary to speak at your event!

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